My Thanksgiving Day Fantasy

Jamie, let me tell you about my last night and this morning. I hopped into bed, laying there, my mind a frenzy of sexual energy. Something about Thanksgiving had me sidetracked, but at its conclusion, my idle mind went to its most comfortable place. The mental image filling my mind was the sight of your orgasmic hips folded  over my torso as you grind me down, I was just a little hot mess man.

The sound was the sound of our ocean of passion running down my shaft and coating my thighs. OMG, I just want to taste and consume every drop of your honey sweet lady cum. You push your hips forward, I feel you increasing the pressure on my cock head while it glides up and down the front of your love canal. Your feminine fingers working my nipples, my cock is now throbbing for release, but I have to deny it and ride the crest of my O because I’m with a woman who wants it as bad, as long, and intense as I do.

Artwork by Jamie 2021

Where is your face, I need to see that most perfect face! Your clit needs a rest, you pull off, just as the connection between our bodies breaks, I feel the glaze of our passion running down me. I move in, I can’t resist, Jamie’s honey is mine for the taking, I grab you legs, then your hips and pull your lady parts to my face. You feel equally compelled and before I realize what is happening, you are running your tongue up and down my shaft. We are now full 69, I’m on my back now with the most perfect pussy Mother Nature could have created right in front of my mouth for mutually assured pleasure. Every delicate fold, reminds me of the petals of a flower, like the honeysuckle I would enjoy as a kid, your lady lips, compact and perfectly placed on either side, begging to be sucked and tugged. Your pink pocket, dripping with love juice.

I cannot resist, I plunge my tongue in going for the tongue fuck. Simultaneously I feel your sucks, licks, and rubs on my cock. It’s becoming too much for me, the stimulus otherworldly, my strength to keep going, shattered by our passion for each other. I grab both ass cheeks, and sink my fingers into your skin as deep as they will go, and I again, bury my face in your pussy. I feel it now, my back and arms numb. My O is starting and my nervous system is redirecting all my brain signals being redirected to the moments most important function, my cock is throbbing, I reflexively start face fucking you. My whole nervous system is now shut down, all focus is now on my cock, I struggle to continue my licking as my focus is drawn to your perfect lips gently teasing my cock, waiting for my eruption. It’s starting, I feel all the muscles in my lower pelvis contract spontaneously, my cock pulsing with every heartbeat. I feel my cum flowing from deep inside right up my shaft. I warn you, tapping your ass. I feel your lips glide to my cocks head and tighten up, then a little suction. My hips convulse as a second huge pelvic contraction engulfs my body, the internal pressure pushing my hot cum out of my cock.

I can feel you catching each drop and swirling it around my head with your tongue. I can no longer do anything but look and feel, your head pulsing with a few more deep enveloping sucks. I want to you, you turn and look at me, I smile back, you smile at me. You glide your body over mine to meet my face. I immediately go for your lips, you run your hand through my hair as I gaze into your eyes. You stare back and say, “Good morning Andrew!”. I smile, still overwhelmed with dopamine and muscle contraction. I kiss you again, and hold you tight basking in the thought this is really how the day is going to begin 🙂

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